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1975年,当Chris Gambian的父母从印度南部移民到澳大利亚悉尼南区的Riverwood的时候,小Chris是整个街区里唯一的一个棕色皮肤的小孩。

“University deregulation is a very fancy way of saying “university won’t be accessible to everybody.”

“I was lucky. When I waned to go to university, there’s no way my parents could have afforded the full fee. “

“I think it’s crazy that liberals, Mr. Coleman especially, talked about innovation and the jobs/skills in the future. You can’t do this by making it harder for people to going to university.”

Debate has been going on for a while where few Liberal politicians believe in university reform which encourages more young people to become skill trades people and meanwhile enhances the quality outcome of university.

Chris responded strongly.

“Of course we need skill trades people. But why should it be that only kids from working class family become trades people and only kids in rich family go to universities?”

“Every child who’s born should be able to reach its potential.”


Communication holds the key of Multiculturalism

Chris knows more than?anyone else?about how important a successful implementation of the idea of multiculturalism is to the society of Australia. He,?in the way he puts it himself, is a big fan of actually getting into the community.

“Two things are really important here.

One is for anglo-saxon austrlians to feel like there is things they haven’t explored, instead of simply putting people into boxes.

The other thing is that people who are not Anglo-Saxon Australians to feel like they have the chance to participate in the mainstream institutions of Australian lives, whether there are more people going to parliaments or more people taking senior roles in business or community sectors.”

“What’s important is that when you see a group of people and you don’t talk to them, you’ll start making assumptions. As soon as you get to know them, you stop making assumptions about them.”

“There is a tendency that I have noticed in a lot of politicians of all parties to only look at one aspect of the community and think that’s it. Take Chinese community for example, they could talk to a community association or a business people that might come into function and say ‘oh that’s us engaging with the Chinese Community’. What they haven’t done is to bother go to the mahjong group.”

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